What is brush for a flat knitting machine ?

A brush has a very important role on a flat knitting machine. One of the most important thing on knitting is that opening of sliders of needles. Stoll Brushes open these sliders for the related knitting accordingly. There are systems on flat knitting machines an done system has two brushes. When there is deterioration in the brushes, there will be mistakes on the knitting.

Different raw materials can be use on knitting machines brushes such as plastic, natural etc. We are using first quality transparent plastic raw materials for Stoll CMS flat knitting machines brushes. Emin is producing brushes within our conditions and giving high qualtiy and best prices to our precious customers. Emin is producing following brushes for STOLL CMS flat knitting machines, 061 407 – E3, 203 254 – E4/8, 212 854 – E10/14 and also other STOLL CMS brushes such as needle bed oil brush.